4th of April is the day to give special attention
to the 600.000.000 stray animals in the world.
Dogs and cats should have a home.
But stray dogs and stray cats don't.
They lead poor and miserable lives on the streets.
They are often illfed, suffer from extreme heat or cold, and suffer from diseases.
Even more often, they're being chased around by hostile and violent people.
But we, as people who care about animals, can do something.
April 4 is the day to show compassion, take care, and get into take action for stray animals all over our planet.


It is natural to feel angry and upset about the animal cruelty you want to stop.
Try to use those feelings to drive you on in the fight to stop the cruelty.
Turn your outrage in to action!
Being upset, angry and outraged won’t change anything for animals, but action will.

Ways To Help Stop

Animal Suffering And Cruelty

Only Buy Cruelty Free Shopping

Make a big contribution to helping stop animal cruelty & suffering by being a cruelty free consumer. Find out which companies are and are not cruelty free by choice, learn what ingredients to avoid to prevent destroying the habitat of wildlife, and find out how else you can be a cruelty free consumer.

Internet Animal Cruelty Videos, Photos & Groups – The Best Way To Report Them

There is a lot of evidence of people being cruel to animals on the web. People post videos and pictures of animal abuse online and, disturbingly, some people actually enjoy viewing them. If you see evidence of animal abuse online, report to the website.

Get Cross-posting To Save Animals Lives

Save abandoned animals lives by cross-posting / sharing them online, such as on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. Many animals lives are saved this way as it finds them life saving rescue spaces.

Donate Stuff You Do Not Want

To help stop animal cruelty you can donate things in good condition to animal charities that they can sell in their charity shops, at fund raising sales, on online auctions, or use as prizes for things such as tombolas and raffles. You can also donate items animal rescues can use in the care of their animals. Some can even use damaged clothes, fabric scraps, wool and buttons which they recycle into fund raising items.

Be An Animal Volunteer

Being an animal volunteer at a charity or rescue is a huge help to animals in need. Charities and rescues are usually desperate for reliable volunteers. There are often many different roles available – more than many people realise, doing much more varied things. Many of these roles are explored on his page. Have a look to see if any interest you.

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